A Brand New Perspective

Yesterday I was working outside and overheard two old men complaining about the weather and how they can’t seem to keep up with mowing their lawns because of it. As I continued to mull this over in my head for quite some time, I realized that extremes really allow you to appreciate what you have. These old men can’t appreciate the glowing green grass until there is a drought and the grass withers away to a burnt out yellow. I am sure some residents of Mississippi and Alabama didn’t realize how much their possessions meant to them until those tragic tornadoes reduced their homes and possessions to shambles. I know that horrible event made me appreciate what I have that much more, because I have a roof over my head and a comfortable place to live while others are sleeping in a shelter because of those wicked storms.

So why did I bother to tell you this? In case you thought that we were consumed by those tornadoes, we weren’t, thankfully, and our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were. I’m still here, but more importantly, WE are still here, and we’re working harder than ever.

Honestly, we’re frustrated because we have been putting in tons of time for a new EP, a new live show, and more, but we haven’t yet been able to share any of this with you. Believe me, playing to a wall in a basement is a lot less entertaining than playing for all of you. Playing for you guys and making music is what we live to do. We can’t even begin to tell you how much we miss playing and sharing our passion for music with all of you.

With that being said, we ARE on the upswing. After many arduous hours, we have a completely revamped live show, some tour announcements, and recordings of FIVE BRAND NEW SONGS, so come on out and see what we have have been hiding from you! (Not willingly, of course)

Unfortunately, aside from live shows we can’t release any new songs yet, but you can, in the meantime, check out our special video for “Heartstrings” on Youtube if you haven’t already!

This winter was a very trying time for all of us in the band. We hit a low point, and we had to overcome some serious obstacles. Through these obstacles, this band has learned invaluable lessons and grown stronger than ever before. In complete confidence, we can say that this band is more willing to work, and more willing to do anything and everything it can to prove what it’s all about. We can also say that this band has gained an even greater sense of appreciation of what it has. Sometimes you have to lose everything to truly see what you have. So take a look around and be thankful for what you have because there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be there.

Without a doubt, we are blessed to be where we are right now, and, because of some amazing things that have happened within the past month, we now have opportunities that were once unimaginable to us. This band is blessed to be making music, and this winter has truly allowed us to see just how lucky we are.

We can’t say enough about how appreciative we are for the support of our fans, friends and families. Thanks for bearing with us through this time and for continuing to support what we do. 2011 is going to be our year, and all of you have made it possible. So Get ready, because BIG things are on the horizon. (Really, really, we mean really, really big)

Mark and FV


Bring on the New Year!

Hello all!

First of all, we hope you all had a great holiday season! I know we did!

Our headline show at the World Cafe Live on December 23rd was a complete success…it SOLD OUT! We couldn’t have been more excited. Kingsfoil, Lucas Joseph Collective, Lizbeth Rose, and Rivers Monroe KILLED it! But more importantly, we’d like to thank the FANS who came out and supported us. We can’t speak for the rest of the bands, but it was definitely our favorite show that we’ve ever played. The crowd was unreal. We had never before experienced that kind of support in such large numbers. It was just a very memorable night for us, and it couldn’t have happened without your help!

2010 was a very trying year for this band. We saw members come and go, but after much soul searching and persistence, we have finally found the missing pieces to the puzzle. This band has grown tremendously over the past year, and you can’t experience growth without experiencing some growing pains. From opening up for the Script, to headlining World Cafe Live downstairs, this band has achieved great things in 2010; however, it’s only just the beginning. There are even bigger things to come in 2011, and we feel that this year is truly going to be OUR year.

We have been working on some new material that we can’t wait to release. For those of you who were at World Cafe, you got a little preview of what is to come. We also have a few BIG surprises for you, but, as much as we’d love to, we can’t talk about them just yet. So, make sure you stay tuned, because there will be BIG announcements to come in the next few months!

Right now Ian is on vacation with his family, so we are taking a bit of a break until he returns (This is your cue to blow up his facebook wall so that he comes back sooner). But when Ian does return, expect us to hit the ground running!

Thank you all SO, SO much for your continued support, because this band would be absolutely nothing without all of you!

So here’s to the success of 2010 and the big things to come in 2011!


A Christmas Story: World Cafe Live Dec 23rd

(Meant to be read aloud.)

December 23rd, the eve of Christmas Eve. Hopefully done with all of the last minute shopping and waiting for the first of the relatives to begin to resurface and trickle in through the icy front door. Desperate to get on to the 25thso you can claim the iPad that you purchased with your parent’s money and wrapped yourself to go under their budget Xmas tree. But what could one do to truly make an awkward not-yet-Christmas-Eve day worthwhile? Put that eggnog laced with grandpa’s Wild Turkey bourbon into a discreet to-go thermos and get your yuletide ass down to World Café live with all of your family and friends at 6:00 sharp, and don’t forget the mistletoe!

Find Vienna is putting on a show that will undoubtedly have everyone rocking around the Christmas tree with a holiday headliner that the four lads’ hometown of Philly will never forget! To set the holiday atmosphere, members of the famous North Penn High school Chamber Choir will be singing Christmas Carols all throughout the night in a fashion that would even arouse Ebenezer Scrooge! Followed by the young and very talented Lizbeth Rose, a Mencel herself, she will be sure to be even more entertaining then every drunken holiday office party that you have ever been to. Soon after, the rockin’ Rivers Monroe will melt your faces with their awesome rock and roll tunes.  The Lucas Joseph Collective will then take the stage, both sending chills down your spines through your winter coats and warming your ears like the tacky ear muffs your Aunt won’t seem to get rid of. Finally, the sexy elves themselves, Kingsfoil will rock in the new old-fashoined way, making you think Damn! I want to hang THAT on my Christmas tree!

After all of the Reindeer games are over with, Find Vienna will take the stage and fill the room from the first note with a cosmic soundscape, sure to open eyes and ears. Performing both old and brand new, never before heard material, with surprises along the way, this is everything that one should experience on this happy holiday. They even have a new member to help bring this creation together. Whether you are there to see Clarity, Find Vienna, or just Mark McGuire, rest assured that the new, old, and present feeling you have about this band will be renewed with flying colors. And be forewarned of the beautiful surprise at the end of the show that not even the narrarator can spoil!

So make sure to make the eve of Christmas Eve worthwhile this year and head on down to World Café Live Downstairs to catch some Jingle bell rock with the Philadelphia scene. And if not, you will be visited by three spirits when the clock tolls one..


See you there!

Where did all your shows go?

Greetings from Find Vienna! For those who have noticed, or even if you haven’t,  Find Vienna has slimmed down on shows. We have finally decided to take time to get all of our ideas into new songs. Find Vienna has been relentlessly writing songs, and devouring Guinness, but mainly writing songs that make us anxious to present. Be prepared to hear some ENERGY! Be prepared to hear the HONESTY! …and be prepared to hear Find Vienna at it’s best.

With that being said Find Vienna is proud to announce a head line date in Philadelphia! December 23rd World Cafe Live Downstairs!! This is Find Vienna’s first Head Line show DOWNSTAIRS at World Cafe. We have an awesome bill lined up and will announce the openers in a few weeks. Please mark it in your smart phones or not ,calenders now! Also we have grown a love for a little bar in New York City called the National Underground, and have decided to book a show on November 13th…. National Underground always brings so much fun, I doubt the band will ever stop playing there. So if you are located in New York come listen to Find Vienna’s up and coming tunes FOR FREE.

You may be asking how can I help Find Vienna be the next biggest band? Well, we decided to join this thing called Pledge Music where you can be a part of our new songs and help us record. By Pledging you can help us get closer to recording! Please tell your friends!!

Follow the link here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/findviennanewcd2011

The New Comer! Here to stay! Here to shred! Here to be timeless!

For the past few months, Find Vienna has been undergoing change.  It has been difficult for the band to recover since the departure of Eric this past December.  It has forced the band to persevere and look upon new options, only to find that the future sometime holds even better opportunities.  With that being said, Find Vienna is proud to announce that Ian Walsh has now become the official fourth member of the band.  Ian is joining as lead guitarist and without doubt, he is one of the best guitarists we have ever come across.  It took only one practice with Ian for the band to realize his potential.  Ian has been working hard with us to learn all the material and has been helping with the creative process of writing.  Ian’s ear is spot on with the direction the band is going, and has been continuously surprising us with his contributions.  He has also become a close friend in the short amount of time he has been with us and the band is so excited for him to have our backs.  Since Ian has joined the band, Find Vienna has been able to put the past behind and grow in a new direction.  Ian has raised the level of musicianship, creativeness, and most importantly heart.  The feeling goes beyond words when the band recognizes passion.  It truly is what Find Vienna is all about, it’s in performance, in writing and recording, and even when traveling endless hours through the night.  We are so excited for the show at World Cafe Live on September 3rd, where it will be Ian’s official debut with the band.  We hope to see all of our fans there to help us welcome him.

Peace and Love.


Former FV members of the past…..

So coming up on a little over two years as Find Vienna, I feel that it’s appropriate to touch up on some things that have remained unsaid for awhile.  The band has been in a constant change especially through the last year.  It was a year ago this past May that the band parted ways with former guitarist Dave Hughes.  Dave had a different musical perspective than the band and wanted to head in a different direction.  It was tough losing him because we had all grown close to him as friends, and sometimes in a band that’s the hardest thing to do.  However, despite the sorrow, we offer our respects to Dave and wish him the best of luck with whatever he does.  After the departure of Dave, Find Vienna carried on and continued to tour regionally and showcase.  We have been through some of the most difficult situations personally and collectively.  We have been constantly on our way to New York, or to spur of the moment home shows in Philadelphia and seen nothing but smiles come from them.  Though we have had set backs, we had continued to push through the storms.  That is, until about December of 2009 when Eric Henkels decided to part ways with band.  This took us all by surprise and left us dangling on a whim.  Eric has been one of my best personal friends and one of my favorite musicians I have ever met.  I know this goes for the other members of Find Vienna as well.  Eric added such color and energy to Find Vienna, but for some reason was seeking something else.  Eric has choose a new outlet for his music in the band Kafei, (so go and check them out after you read this blog).  Since Eric’s departure, the band had not felt the same and it has been very difficult for us to pick up where we left off.  However, we have learned that no matter how large the obstacle may seem, it’s only deemed a loss if you keep yourself from winning.  So as a trio, Find Vienna continued to light up the stage, and soon decided to bring on guitarist Greg Fisher.  Shortly after adding Greg, Find Vienna played some of the most influential shows of our lives with Green River Ordinance and The Script, as well as being featured on iheartradio’s “Discovered and Uncovered.”  Moments like these keep us on our feet and running.  Moments like these keep our hearts throbbing.  Moments like these are the reason we appear to be strong.  About a month ago, Greg decided that touring was not his prefered musical outlet, and decided to pursue his passion for producing.  Having grown close with Greg, it was an understandable leave.  Greg is an excellent producer and engineer and we have had the honor to cut a few new tunes with him, which sound phenomenal.  (Greg’s website: www.evolvingsoundstuidos.com)  The band wished “Fish Tank” the best of luck and continued on as a trio again.  It may seem as though Find Vienna has taken many internal hits, but we stand tall for what we believe in.  Sometimes it may seem as if we have backed off on our updates, but it’s really just because we are holding out for the important things.  Being in a band, it is very easy to “cry wolf” about great opportunities.  When we have the right news, trust me, You!, our fans, will be the first to know.  In the mean time, keep us in your prayers, and keep yours ears cued as we have a lot of awesome things in the works including a new official member, a new record, and perhaps a tour!  So with that all being said, take a look at all the fun times we have had on the road in the past with Dave, Eric, and Greg!

FV Action!

Hey Everyone,

Patrick here: Just a quick update, we have a ton of tour dates in the works..so hopefully we make it to your city! Find Vienna has also been extremely focused on writing and recording a New Record……..Look for it in fall 2010! Also, as for the songwriting title contest, the winner will receive an advanced signed copy…. as well as tickets to our home shows.

Many of you may have heard our music being played on MTV…The truth is, MTV has been placing our songs in various episodes of the Real World, True Life, The City etc…!!!!!!

Look for us on the NBC 10! Show on June 22tnd @ 11am, debuting our new single, City of Flowers!

That’s all for now….. Stay cool.


P.S. Looking forward to seeing our hometown fans at the North Star Bar on June 27th!